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23 things to live by November 16, 2009

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These are 23 things I put together over the years that I truly believe in...

1. Network

2. Stand Out

3. Be Different

4. Never Stop Learning – read, subscribe, attend, listen

5. Volunteer

6. Don’t take lunch….or eat it at your desk….while you work

7. Arrive early, stay late

8. Look everywhere for ideas and ask yourself how you could incorporate that into what you do.

9. Don’t be afraid to fail / experiment

10. Say thank you

11. Be loyal

12. Never forget those that helped you along the way

13. Carry a notepad, recorder or blackberry

14. Think different

15. Pass it on

16. Start a business

17. Write a book

18. Have fun

19. Stay humble

20. Find a mentor

21. Become an expert at something.

22. Find out the answer

23. Thank God


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