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Failure = Success…if you let it! January 1, 2010

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A friend of mine (thanks Tim) that shares a passion for life, blessed me by recommending some vacation reading. I went home and 60 seconds later I entrenched myself  in my Kindle reading his recommendation, a book by Harry Beckwith “Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing”. I really felt compelled to share his words in my blog today. You can read more about Harry’s book here:

I am a “the glass is half full” kind of person. I like to go a step further and say that it is not only half full but let’s accept the challenge as a team to take the exciting journey of figuring out how to not just fill the rest of the glass, but overflow it.  As a side note I credit my relationship with God for filling me with my passion for adventure.

How often have we shied away from failure? I know I have. It’s easier to just sit back and say “the glass is half full, that’s good enough”, than to say “let’s fail a few times (or many times) in order to fill that glass up”. What if we viewed failure as a stepping stone to success? Sure would make the experience of failure more palatable wouldn’t it? In Mr. Beckwith’s words..

“Few phobias are more widespread than the fear of failure. But what is failure? Robert Townsend, who helped mastermind Avis’s dramatic turnaround in the 1960’s, said two of every three decisions he made were wrong.

America’s best pro basketball teams lose the basketball every three minutes without even getting up a shot. Fred Smith got a C on his graduate business school paper in which he described the concept for Federal Express. The world champion in baseball has to win only 57 percent of its championship games.

There’s little point in killing an idea by saying it might fail. Any idea might fail. If you’re doing anything worthwhile at all, you’ll suffer a dozen failures.

Start failing so you can start succeeding.”

At the core of “failing = success” is change. Without change, without getting outside of our comfort zone do we ever experience the liberating release of failure? To overcome failure we need to know that it’s OK, that others have failed before us and survived, that success or least experiential learning, is the result of that failure.

Make it a personal resolution this year to embrace failure. See it for what is, the first mile marker on the road to YOUR success. Along the way enjoy the scenery, take someone along with you and thank God for the blessing.


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