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3 eye opening ideas about business planning January 3, 2010

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In my blog post on New Year’s day, I shared some thoughts on the great insight provided by Harry Beckwith in his book “Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing”. Today I’d like share some more from this great book. Hope you enjoy…

“Everyone involved in planning should start with three ideas:

First, accept the limitations of planning. Don’t assume that putting eight smart people in a room with good data will automatically produce something. Ford put eight smart planners in a room, and out popped the Edsel.

Second, don’t value planning for its result: the plan. The greatest value of the plan is the process, the thinking that went into it.

Third, don’t plan your future. Plan your people. Outstanding people who fit your basic broad vision will tend to make the right decisions along the way, not by following  a plan, but by using their skill.”

My favorite is the third point. Logical but overlooked advice. Way too often we are focused more on process rather than people.


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