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20 Tips for Leaders for Influencing Teams Positively January 5, 2010

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Thanks to The Ohio State University Leadership Center! 

From:  Howatt, W. A., (2008).  Leadership vs. management.  Kentville, Nova Scotia: Howatt HR Consulting Inc.

1. Develop your presentation and public speaking skills.
2. Become a collaborative-minded leader.
3. Develop a clear process for how agreements will be made, and be consistent.
4. Build relationships with your team.
5. Manage your own development and performance.
6. Breed self-leadership within your team.
7. Develop your emotional intelligence.
8. Trust your instincts.
9. Log what you agree to do.
10. Dress for success.
11. Be authentically interested in your team.
12. Be effective at customer service and sales.
13. Be a future thinker.
14. Become a networker.
15. Be open about succession planning.
16. Be a motivator.
17. Influence your leaders.
18. Develop your negotiating skills.
19. Deal with conflict fast.
20. Be clear of your purpose


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