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Best leadership techniques January 26, 2010

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Re-posted from the Helium blog .

Author is Glenn Magas

Core leadership values begin with inspiring people to do more than what they think they can. It is helping people find their voice and serving people in order to succeed in attaining the highest goals while maintaining integrity and respect. Leadership is influence. We hear it all the time: success begins and ends in leadership.

The question is, how does a potential leader utilize his or her ‘voice’ to inspire others to find their own voice? How does a core leader serve others to succeed in attaining goals? These questions can be answered by utilizing core leadership techniques.

Here are 5 of the important techniques a leader must have in order to be an effective leader:

1. Self Awareness
2. Taking ownership
3. Accountability
4. Servitude
5. Duplication

Leaders may be born, but they also can be made. By practicing these 5 valuable techniques, a potential leader can lead to greatness. By refining these techniques, a born leader will also lead with greatness and practice the fundamentals they are born with!

1. Self Awareness

A born leader may be just that – born with the ability to influence and inspire. But they need to be aware of the fundamentals of why they are able to do this so naturally. A great leader will be self aware. He or she will be able to see things, identify problems, be quick to deliver solutions, and step back and listen to understand before speaking to get things done.

“The leadership instinct you are born with is the backbone. You develop the funny bone and the wishbone that go with it.” Elaine Agather

The core question a leader will ask and answer first is: Am I doing what is right instead of doing what it takes just to accomplish a specific goal.

2. Taking ownership

Success and failure start at the top – the leader. But when success occurs, credit should always be given to those who deserve it. When failure happens, the true leader takes the blame. This is a technique that will always be at the forefront of a great leader and separates true leadership with ineffective leadership: to let the people shine when they accomplish good things, and to take the responsibility when people falter.

3. Accountability

A great leader will be accountable and responsible to everything they say, do or commit to doing. Being a leader does not mean taking on loads of responsibility and to put the task on staff and expect results. Be accountable to what can be accomplished, do not over extend your role in order to look like the shining star of an organization. Be accountable to the tasks, the people, and the organization around you. And in turn, those that follow will be accountable to the same exact thing.

4.  Servitude

Once a potential leader realizes that serving others is the key to their success, they can begin their refinement of their leadership techniques and become an effective leader; and once effective, they can influence and inspire a great number of people.

Great leaders share themselves and what they have learned. Leaders are there for others and not for themselves. Once a leader starts taking advantage of their role, they will lose sight of their vision and others around will lose sight of it as well. If a leader ‘serves the people’ and continues to practice this, their leadership techniques will be well developed.

5. Duplication

A leader’s goal is to create other leaders. By understanding servitude and teaching potential leaders the same, a leader will produce other leaders, which will multiply his influence.

Self awareness, taking ownership of the leadership role, being accountable to those around you, and servitude techniques will increase the effectiveness of the leader in you and it will lead to great success. Creating potential leaders by duplicating what you do will also multiply your influence to those around you. These techniques are simple, but incredibly important. Work on them and you will be a great leader.


2 Responses to “Best leadership techniques”

  1. Dan Rockwell Says:

    Thanks for posting the blog. It reminded me of a young man I mentored. He received a leadership award and when I asked him why he received it, he had no idea.

    I told him to go talk with the people who gave it to him and find out why… The idea is, you can’t lead if you don’t know how your percieved. thanks for the reminder.

    Check out my

    thanks again

    • shep21 Says:

      Just subscribed to your feed Dan! Thanks for posting. Looking forward to seeing what you have. If you don’t mind I may repost some of your stuff, with appropriate credit of course 🙂

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