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7 Laws of Fundamental Leadership January 28, 2010

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From:  Howatt, W. A., (2008).  Leadership vs. management.  Kentville, Nova Scotia: Howatt HR Consulting Inc.

  1. Exude an Aura of Competence – This is a combination of being a resource for reports; having an eye for talent; being committed to personal development to maintain competency; and not being  intimidating.
  2. Maintain Unwavering Integrity – This combination includes trust, compassion, honesty, patience, and persistence to work towards a clear vision.
  3. Act as a Living Role Model – This combination includes self-care, personal health, 4Ps (pride, passion, proactive prevention, and planning), energy, and drive to succeed with a key interest in personal life balance.
  4. Reveal Yourself as a Teachable Teacher – This is a combination of a willingness to learn; knowing that there is always more to know, and that one can learn from many different sources; flexibility to change when it makes sense; and ability to admit to mistakes and learn from them.
  5. Stay Internally Motivated – Internally driven, leaders are aware of and take into account in their decision process many variables, such as family of origin, business experiences, personality, locus of control, culture, sex, generation, age, personal needs and wants as well a IQ and emotional intelligence.
  6. Scale the Leadership Success Hierarchy – These leaders are clear on the entire hierarchy as to where their vision comes from.  They not only are aware of the surface, they seek to learn their deep structure, so that they are able to be congruent and balanced in their quest to be an effective leaders of themselves first, so that they can effectively lead others.

     7.  Adhere to the Four Leadership Musts – vision, self-            confidence, knowledge, and life balance


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