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Use concierge mindset for customer service February 15, 2010

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The best concierge takes pride in orchestrating memorable experiences for their guests, so why shouldn’t every employee have a concierge mindset; after all as long as you have customers, you are in a service business. Of course, the initial recruitment and interview of potential candidates is of prime importance, so know what specific personnel requirements are needed, and structure hiring decisions based on attitude, proficiency, and enthusiasm.

The delivery of services should not be restricted by job title. Take the example of an employee stocking the shelves at a local hardware store. A customer comes in and asks the employee where she can find door handles. The employee walks the customer over to the aisle and asks if there is more he can do to help. The customer needs help sorting out the rows and rows of door handles to find one that fits her needs, and the employee assists her until her needs are met. Then the employee returns to stocking the shelves. Did the employee go beyond his job of stocking shelves? Absolutely, but the customer was so satisfied she made a point to congratulate the store manager about the excellent and helpful store employee.

In a local hair salon, a regular client was in the middle of a hair highlighting. The client had very long hair; the  foils were almost all applied, and her cell phone rang. The client’s 5th grade child called to tell her mother she had forgotten an important piece of her class project that was involved in the school fair and needed it immediately. The mom couldn’t leave the salon with bleach and tin foils. The receptionist volunteered to drive to the client’s home, pick up the piece the student needed and take it to her child’s school. Going out of her way? Absolutely, but the receptionist was able to break free and see her job as more than just a job title.

Going above and beyond sets any business apart. Instead of ever saying no, a business should always be able to present options or alternatives, but in order to encourage employees to perform in such positive ways as the above examples, the company has to empower employees and coach them in positive ways. Probably the most important aspect in being able to realize such outstanding service, is the company’s ability to present a positive approach to employees and help employees  work effectively with other departments. It is really hard to go above and beyond by yourself.

All good customer service is a result of an organized system and constantly improving what you want to achieve; the results can make a big difference. If a business just changes a little at a time and meets the customer’s needs beyond the product, the customer feels important, and that is what keeps customers coming back. 

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