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It’s all about PERCEPTION December 10, 2010

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For 22 years as an administrator in professional baseball I would preach to our front office team, even have imprinted on our office walls, that “perception is reality”. It wouldn’t matter that our ballpark was beautiful , well kept and just a fun place to be if Mom had to experience urine all over toilet seats as she tried to find a place to appease her anxious three year old. It’s perception. “This restroom is filthy, I wonder what happens in the concession stands!?” Oops, no sale there. All the hours of hard work crafting, training, scripting, CARING…are out the window. It is an ongoing battle, one that requires an all out assualt to be won EVERY TIME. It’s about the team understanding that they have to consistently place themselves in the “other shoes”. Constant team reminders, refreshed training, practical examples. They have to live it, breathe it, be it! Try to accomplish that at $7.50 an hour. Auditioning & casting…that’s deserves a whole other blog post! The remainder of this post is an excerpt from a Service Untitled blog (they produce great stuff daily).

Excellent customer service, regardless of what the facts may be have to be especially sensitive to the customer’s viewpoint and perception of the issue. That’s where careful listening comes into play and suggesting solutions based on those very perceptions can make a profound impact. Insensitivity and indifference is a prelude to customer anger and the loss of the customer because they don’t really care who takes care of them since each representative is synonymous with the company. This is where standards of KPI or Key Performance Indicators come into play. Through training, monitoring, coaching, practice and new policies, employees understand that customers are driven by what they think about a business or service, and we want them to see positive perceptions.

You can see their entire article here


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